Evangelism Ministry

Mission statement:

To encourage and promote positive, spiritual energy within our Church family and surrounding community.


In 2016, to honor and promote our above stated mission, the Evangelism and Usher Board Ministries partnered to present holiday gift bags to each Youth Usher Board member during their 2016 Christmas Holiday Dinner. Each bag included holiday treats and a Bible.  

This year, 2017, we continue our mission to encourage and promote positive, spiritual energy within our Church family and surrounding community by utilizing the Church bulletin to communicate quarterly themed, positive, spirit-filled scriptures, lyrics and/or hand-outs:

  • First Quarter – “Smile Campaign” 

  • Second Quarter – “Angel of Hope,” and

  • Third Quarter – “Angel of Helping Hands” 

We also placed fans in the church pews for the congregations’ convenience. We are now initiating our “Reach Out and Touch Correspondence Campaign.” This campaign teamed Evangelism with the Strategic Growth and Outreach Ministries, to deliver the National Night Out Police Community Partnership event. We were visible and distributed invitational letters to many, encouraging them to attend EPFM UMC. We will also distribute our letter to those who have attended or visited our Church in the past; encouraging them to visit with us again.

The Evangelism Ministry would like to thank all who have encouraged and supported our ministry, as we continue to move forward in a healthy, positive and spiritual mission.

From Your EvangelismMinistry Team: Willeen Bowens, Patricia Ivey, Sharon Ponder

Angel of Helping Hands

Matthew 7:12

12  “Do for other people the same things you want them to do for you. This is the meaning of the law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets.”


Micah 6:8

8   “The Lord has told you what is good.

He has told you what he wants from you:

Do what is right to other people.

Love being kind to others.

And live humbly, trusting your God.”